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The Company operates in the personal product industry which includes several segments. It is a wholesale distributor of the EAORON branded products within the skincare segment and a producer of the EZZ branded products within the consumer health segment. Geographically, the Company distributes the EAORON branded products in Australia and New Zealand, and the EZZ branded products in Australia, New Zealand and China.


There are currently three EZZ branded products on the market. However, the Company has plans to continuously develop new products to meet consumers’ demand and endeavours to add new products every year to its existing EZZ branded product portfolio. It is proposed that the EZZ branded products will cover a wide range of market segments including vitamin and dietary supplements, sports nutrition, weight management and wellbeing, herbal/traditional products and pediatric products.


EAORON is a leading facial care focused skincare brand, developed and produced by the Company’s related party Australian United Pharmaceuticals Pty Ltd. The EAORON brand currently comprises five product series and more than 20 products.

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