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Launch your business into the future

with targeted web design services

Finding the best website company for your business is an important mission

If you’ve been exploring the ever-expanding universe of Auckland web designers, wondering how to tell one from another, here’s a tip: websites companies are not created equal. Some of them stamp out cheap cookie-cutter products that are simply re-purposed templates; others are supremely bespoke, creating sites that cost the earth.

At Wandering Stars, our vision is to create custom websites that are built around the needs of your company and your customers. We hit the sweet spot between too cheap and too expensive, so you get a business asset that really does the business.

We’re not just about web design and development. Our specialist creatives can also help with search engine optimisation (SEO), brand development, digital marketing and integrated advertising campaigns.

A web design and internet marketing company with years of experience

Who are Wandering Stars and what brings us to the website design and build scene in Auckland?
In a previous life we worked for big-name advertising agencies, but we’ve evolved to encompass all that’s digital and online in this brave new marketing world. Our design ringleader is Ruth Osborne.
She’s assisted by a respected team of expert content creators, web builders and digital marketers.

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